This is our first newsletter after an uninvited guest named Hurricane Florence came to New Bern. Some of our former guests may know that it shut down the Meadows Inn until repairs were completed. These innkeepers came to New Bern after several research trips from the Midwest. We were familiar with living in “Tornado Alley” and were introduced to “Hurricane Alley” with this hurricane.
With many of our guests in the 18 years of owners/innkeepers of this 1847 building, we have been asked why did you choose New Bern, NC. Our research criteria was a faith-based community in the South with milder weather and they were not still fighting the civil war. New Bern is still that faith-based community and it was evident in the recovery. Our Faith & Family with hearts & hands saw us through recovery. We were able to honor reservations in January that were canceled in September.
We invite you to return to New Bern during February – the community with a huge heart. Our winter rates will be in effect and we will be featuring one room at a time with our virtual grand reopening.
Artwalk is this weekend and ART is, after all, a majority of the word heart.

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